We stick to what we know work and makes the outcome of products as well as systems a hole lot better. That means sticking to the process.

The Designprocess always starts out in a gathering phase. Digging into the problem or subject I´m gonna solve. Making sure all facts, history, objects, context and most importently people are there, when creativity is ready to be on the schedule.
Sketching could be used as an explorations of forms, functions and playfullness as well as mind-maps of importent content. Visualisation is a big part of how I communicate. Creating is most of all a power of letting things that matters in the end, be on holiday for a while. Letting theme back in the game, when the right idea has hit the table, fit for the tasks given. Getting great ideas at the end, means exploring "bad" ideas as well. Never stoping for the obvious or impossible. Ideas are getting tested in quick paper or "ugly" models just to separate the bad ideas from the good. We are closing up. This is when I start to shake my head in dispair, "this truly is impossible". Turns out, nothings been som far! Just s a struggle and some headaches away. Ofcourse I colab with others within the same profession or professions that might be useful for the specific project at hand.


Sometimes creative ideas only happens and seems like a coincidence, but are they really? A lucky strike perhaps or a gutfeeling at some point. But I know how to strenghten both existing products or a hole new and make sure your brand stayes connected. That makes your offer to your customers reach a higher potential. Few companies have the time to take a step back and actually look how well their products and brands are connected to their users and markets. Sometimes you need that creative person, trained to look at things from new perspectives. Don´t hussle, we are experts in just these areas. We listen to what you already know, and carefully analyse facts that we dig out and then we combines that with what your users are telling you, what your present is forsing you to, and most of all what you need to do to don´t stop moving... How do we do it? By combining a close reasearch of market, an analysis of users and functions with a highly creative phase is the key to efficient problemsolving. And these problems turns out to have more solutions that at first sight. Perhaps the most commonly mistake is that this never take place within companies. The facts and the creative space never joined the process at the same terms. As an I-designer I always follow a process, that makes me able to turn thoose rocks that sometimes lead you in directions you never thought possible. This combined with your own knowledge in your businessidéa, demands,manufacturing, thoughts, dreams and hopes. This is what creates a unique partnership. I´d love to be your partner in design, form and function and dreams. Try me!


Design thinking
Material knowledge


Paper and Pen
Listening and observing
Eye for detail